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Stories about and results of 8-i (8 Hours Overtimes in a Good Cause International) throughout the years. 

Some pre 2011 results

Erwin Elling

To give you an idea about the result, here are some results from earlier editions:

In Groningen in 2007 a tiny charity called Rahan Yam-Tel joined. They didn't have any visual identity nor written communication about their goals etc. The team of 6 creatives took the challenge and designed a logo, website, stationary and wrote all text in two languages for their site and fundraising letter. The result still stands after four years.

A couple of years earlier Bartiméus set a challenge, they had rented airtime for a radiocommercial for the saturday after 8uo. And a team led by Renger Koning met that challenge and produced a professional commercial that was used for the campain. Check out the Bartimeus Commercial.

Other organisations that have been helped in the past are: the Dutch chapter of Médecins Sans FrontièresGreenpeace (the team helped out with a campain that was still in development back then about e-waste) and local subsidiaries of the International Red Cross for example in Apeldoorn in 2011. A more complete list can be found on the Dutch website.