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Stories about and results of 8-i (8 Hours Overtimes in a Good Cause International) throughout the years. 

First international 8-i cities in 2011

Erwin Elling

After being a Dutch event for some years, 2011 was the first year with international cities. These are the cities outside of the Netherlands that were first to join the Dutchies: 


Sedus location at
Reinhardtstraße 29
Space for 5 teams
City coordinator: Frauke Lehberger
The site for the local initiative is on Facebook.

City coordinator: Nihal Saad

Sedus location at
157A St. John Street
Space for 4 teams
City coordinator: Liza Groeneveld
Signup for London using this form.

Sedus location at
José Ortega y Gasset, 33
Space for 3 teams

City coordinator: Pedro Amann


Berlin 2011 worked for Heroes and ICJA

Madrid 2011 worked for APOYAR

London 2011 worked for Unity Express and Engineers without Borders UK

Cairo 2011 worked for Bayan and Paradise