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Stories about and results of 8-i (8 Hours Overtimes in a Good Cause International) throughout the years. 

What 8i was like in 2013 in Rio de Janeiro

Erwin Elling

It can be quite hard to grasp what 8 Hours' Overtime for a Good Cause is. Even if you read or talk a lot about it. The event is different in every city and different every year. We asked co-organizer Marcio Gonçalves to describe his experience with '8 horas extras por uma boa causa' in Rio de Janeiro last year:

"When my friend Monica Alvarenga invited me to participate, I was thankful for the opportunity. On the day it happened, I was really surprised with the great atmosphere of donation among all participants. On that day I have learned the real meaning of giving and receiving. We had 8 extra hours of great pleasure."